ARCHIgraph is a creative architectural practice established in 1996 in Thessaloniki with the intent of producing distinctive architecture working across building sizes and typologies.
ARCHIgraph confronts a diversity of projects. We keep working on small and large scales both simultaneously and continuously: from interior works to big envelopes. Irrespectively of the size or context, each project we undertake informs another.
ARCHIgraph believes in innovation and design but also on the ability to deliver a project from conception to completion. Our expertise lies within commercial, high-end residential, mixed-use, hospitality and educational projects.
ARCHIgraph flourishes on projects that combine challenging needs and multiple stakeholders with the opportunity to create an integral relationship between architecture and the built environment. Based on a practical in-depth collaboration with the client, our projects have an emphasis on investigatory and integrated approaches.
ARCHIgraph was established in 1996 through the partnership of Stavros Vergopoulos, Nikos Dimtsas and Olga Efstathiou and expanded in 1999 with the participation of Lina Psychopoulou.


Stavros Vergopoulos was an architect and professor at the School of Architecture of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, holding a PhD in design thinking and representation from Edinburgh University, UK. He was interested in design methodology and the contribution of new technologies to the design and fabrication of architecture. He had long experience in big scale projects and the collaboration between different building disciplines.
Nikos Dimtsas is an architect and teacher of architecture interiors. He has a long standing experience in both interior and big scale projects particularly in the leisure and hospitality sector. His expertise lies in combining innovative forms to construction techniques and new materials.
Olga Efstathiou is an architect with postgraduate studies in exhibition design in Ecole d’ Architecture Paris-Tolbiac, France. She has a long experience in residential projects and is particularly keen in finding the best way to adapt novel design in realistic situations with dense economic and legislative conditions.
Lina Psychopoulou is an architect studied in Thessaloniki and TU Delft, The Netherlands. Her expertise lies in interior design with emphasis in hospitality projects. She is familiar with new trends in design that adopts in practical ways to projects using innovative building products.