'Archigraph' functions as a form composed by the architects Stavros Vergopoulos, Nikos Dimtsas and Olga Efstathiou, since 1996.

'Archigraph' is an open to cooperation architectural group, which deals with the design and supervision of large-scale building settlements, residences and interiors, with particular expertise in designing professional spaces.

Today 'archigraph' is staffed by the architects:
Stavros Vergopoulos, Nikos Dimtsas, Olga Efstathiou, Lina Psychopoulou, Maria Prassa, Niki Mponti, Ourania Kalampaliki and Anna Efstathiou.

Some 'archigraph's' customers are: Zinon SA Athanasiadis, FrigoStahl SA, Inova SA, Megatek SA, Carrefour SA, Makro Cash & Carry SA, Hochtief SA, Leroy Merlin SA, Media Markt SA, Praktiker SA, National Greek Post Office, Central Macedonia Periphery, Optical Stores Zamanos, Aldi Hellas SA, D. Tzampazi SA, Koukakis Dairy SA, Leontaridis Furniture Inc., etc.