Dairy Distribution Unit ‘Farm Koukakis’
Neochorouda, Thessaloniki, 2007
Vehicle Exhibition and Service Building
Thermi, Thessaloniki, 2010
Expansion of an Industrial Building
Kalochori, Thessaloniki, 2007
Packaging Industry ‘Pelopac’
Industrial Area Thessaloniki, 2004
Furniture Industry
Kavalari, Thessaloniki, 2000
Expansion of Furniture Factory ‘Leontaridis Inc.’
Nea Aghialos, Thessaloniki, 1998

Expansion of an electrical equipment manufacturing factory, including the interior design of the administration offices. The existing building has an area 1650 m2 and the expansion 1850 m2. The office building, which corresponds to the front part of the complex, is completely redesigned and refurbished.