Retail Store, Offices and Education Complex
Thessaloniki (West entrance), 2006
Hypermarket and Residences Complex
Perea, Thessaloniki, 2008
Shops and Residences Complex
Perea, Thessaloniki, 2008
Municipal Services’ Building
Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki, 2005
Shops and Residences Complex
Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki, 2005
Landscaping for Thessaloniki’s Submerged Tunnel
Thessaloniki, 2004
Distribution Centre for Greek Post Office (South)
Patra, 2003
Distribution Centre for Greek Post Office (North)
Thessaloniki, 2000
Hotel Complex
Kalavryta, 2000
Exhibition and Conference Centre
Paleokastro, Thessaloniki, 1998

Preliminary study for an exhibition and conference centre that is located on a plot of 44 acres at north Thessaloniki. The basic functional units of the complex are: exhibition areas, consisting of three big halls with an area of 3250 m2 each one, a convention centre with a conference room for 250 people and auxiliary areas, a unit for the support services to exhibitors, a shopping centre, administration, leisure areas, auxiliary rooms, and warehouses. The proposed scheme aims at creating a flexible but, at the same time, well-organized environment, for accommodating both exhibitions and conferences. The exhibition halls are designed in such a way to allow the accommodation of separate, joint or single but bigger events. The character of the centre results from the combination of the units into a single complex, maintaining distinctive formal features in different sections of the complex.