Commercial center Flamingo
Xanthi, 2010
Wholesale and Retail Store (D.I.Y.) ‘Megatek’
Tirana, Albania, 2006
‘Leroy Merlin’ Store
Athens, 2006
‘Makro’ Hypermarket
Volos, 2006
Warehouse and Distribution Building ‘E&D S.A.’
Oreokastro, Thessaloniki, 2006
Warehouse and Offices ‘Megaman’
Thessaloniki, 2007
Commercial centre ‘La Piazza’
Thermi, Thessaloniki, 1999
Business center
Pilea, Thessaloniki, 2002

The complex has been constructed in order to accommodate Retail Stores, a Hypermarket, a Building Equipment Store (D.I.Y. Store) and a small Shopping Centre. These are distributed into two major building units. The first one is the D.I.Y. store and the other shelters the retails stores in a linear distribution forming, this way, an open commercial pathway. This pathway directs to the entrance to the shopping centre. The shops within the centre form two “commercial streets” with displays along their sides that end to the entrance of the hypermarket. All building units are constructed by metal frames with big spans in order to free up floor area. The shopping centre, particularly, is made by a concrete structure in order to have a more free and polygonal shape with smaller scale volumes. A retractable roof covers part of the shopping centre, creating the atmosphere of an open shopping area.