Commercial center Flamingo
Xanthi, 2010
Wholesale and Retail Store (D.I.Y.) ‘Megatek’
Tirana, Albania, 2006
‘Leroy Merlin’ Store
Athens, 2006
‘Makro’ Hypermarket
Volos, 2006
Warehouse and Distribution Building ‘E&D S.A.’
Oreokastro, Thessaloniki, 2006
Warehouse and Offices ‘Megaman’
Thessaloniki, 2007
Commercial centre ‘La Piazza’
Thermi, Thessaloniki, 1999
Business center
Pilea, Thessaloniki, 2002

TThe complex has been designed and constructed in order to accommodate a hypermarket of building and house equipment and materials (Do-It-Yourself Store). It consists of five separate building units. The three major building units house the retail store, the wholesale trade and the warehouse respectively. The fourth building unit accommodates the personnel rooms. The fifth central two-storey building unit houses the entrance commercial area, the public service areas with a large restaurant on the ground floor and the administration and office areas on the first floor. The three major units have been constructed by metal frames, designed with big spans to leave big areas free of columns, while the other two units are made of concrete. The central one has an expressive form, with volumes hanging over the entrance, and signifies the whole building.