Commercial center Flamingo
Xanthi, 2010
Wholesale and Retail Store (D.I.Y.) ‘Megatek’
Tirana, Albania, 2006
‘Leroy Merlin’ Store
Athens, 2006
‘Makro’ Hypermarket
Volos, 2006
Warehouse and Distribution Building ‘E&D S.A.’
Oreokastro, Thessaloniki, 2006
Warehouse and Offices ‘Megaman’
Thessaloniki, 2007
Commercial centre ‘La Piazza’
Thermi, Thessaloniki, 1999
Business center
Pilea, Thessaloniki, 2002

The building has been designed to host a commercial and business centre. It includes a ground floor with shops, two floors with offices and an underground floor with parking spaces. The building expands in a linear plot with two, relatively small, sides on two parallel streets of Thermi. The development of a building that resembles the function and the form of an open walkway was chosen. The shops have a ground floor with direct access from the pedestrian zone, which also leads to the higher volumes in the offices. In the centre of the walkway a wider area is formed with outdoor sitting places. The form of the building follows the above mentioned design principle with distinct volumes with views on the pedestrian zone. Other specifically designed architectural elements, such as steel canopies and steel venetian blinds for solar protection, strengthen the form of the of the distinct volumes and give a dynamic character to the whole building.