Duplex house building in Grevena prefecture. The first house of 130 m2 occupies the ground floor, while the second one of 170 m2 occupies the first floor and the attic. The building is reminiscent of traditional architecture types, and the design attempts to integrate it into the terrain by scaling its volumes. This morphology is being followed also in the individual architectural elements, as well as in the material selection. Thus the volume of the terraces is being projected in front of the main volume, while the dining room of the first floor follows the architectural type of erker (enclosed balcony). The main lining material of the building is stone, except of the projected erker and the terraces of the first floor. The wooden roof is covered with pro-oxidized copper sheets, the window frames are wooden and the balconies’ parapets are made of glass.




Grevena Prefecture

Arch. Study 2013

Completion 2017