The proposed office building is located in a complex with existing and under construction buildings. Both its position and its shape have been chosen for the building to act as a point of reference. For this reason, large, solid volumes with strong characteristic faces are recommended. The architectural elements of the facades maintain their scale but are grouped to form large units that are projected in front of the existing buildings.

The building consists of two distinct volumes, the first of the administration spaces and the second of the office spaces. They are consolidated through an extensive internal atrium. The arrangement of the volumes allows the orientation of the main spaces to the south. The atrium that forms the core of the building is also oriented to the south, allowing the penetration of the outdoor space and the greenery into the interior of the building. The elevation of one of the two volumes enhances this relationship of the building with the outdoor space. The entrance is located in the elevated part and is shaped in such a way that the visitor perceives most of the interior through the atrium.

At the entrance level are located the main reception, from where the movements are distributed, and the meeting rooms. At the level of the double-heighted atrium are located the event and dining rooms which could be extended on a case-by-case basis to the atrium, composing a large event space. At the 1st and 2nd floor there are offices and conference rooms. The circulation inside the building takes place through a central staircase inside the atrium and corridors around it.

The suspended ventilated facade is constructed of terracotta elements, with great durability over time, in a variety of colors and textures. The facade ensures that water does not reach the building with the help of a pressure compensation ventilation system. The phenomenon of natural attraction ensures that the building remains dry, thus reducing maintenance needs and saving energy.



Closed procedure competition

Design team:
Vergopoulos Stavros
Gourdoukis Dimitris
Damvopoulou Areti
Dimtsas Nikos
Efstathiou Olga
Louizi Lili
Tryfonidou Katerina