The general design principle of the new building within the school complex “Protypa Ekpaideftiria Thessalonikis” was the intension to construct a school integrated in the natural environment and terrain, with minimum energy consumption by integrating energy saving systems and the use of renewable energy sources.

The construction of the building meets the modern specifications regarding the education buildings, as well as the conditions for its proper operation, lighting, ventilation, fire safety and accessibility.

The morphology of the building follows the contemporary aesthetics and the clean geometry, with facades which are characterized by large openings to bring in plenty of lighting and ventilation. The classrooms orientate themselves towards the view, to the southwest. The courtyard is joined-up, with gentle steps to follow the slope of the ground. Parts of the open balconies are planted with low vegetation to achieve even greater integration into the environment.

In the first phase, a part of the building was implemented, that includes 9 classrooms, 1 multipurpose hall, offices, sanitary facilities, auxiliary storage areas and electromechanical installations.

In the second phase, the rest of the building will be constructed with additional classrooms, an indoor gym, a 250-seat amphitheater, a dining room, a kitchen, a library and outdoor sports facilities.

Pylaia, Thessaloniki


Protypa Ekpaideftiria Thessalonikis