The architectural proposal relies on the idea of layering as a means of organising the different elements of the area and the use of cross-layer walls as a means of signifying the interventions.

Spaces are categorized into walking areas and sitting areas. Walking areas are connected to the conditions of the contemporary city and they are designed as a continuation of the footpaths of the adjacent streets. They are covered by a paving with a pattern that is produced algorithmically, enhancing the fluidity of the walking areas. This is constructed by enclosing marble tiles into a casted substance. In contrast, sitting areas are located at a lower level, connected to the monuments. They are paved by dark coloured cobblestones in a straight arrangement, following the axes of the adjacent monument.

Parts of the edges between the two areas are signified by the use of a novel architectural element that has the form of an inclined wall, in reference to the supporting walls around the monuments, and that is covered with pre-oxidised metal sheets. These section-walls create a visual map of the proposal. As a whole, these architectural decisions do not rely on the pictorial reference to historical forms but instead they are indented to create a structural scheme and to provide a tool for the perceptual organisation of the intervention. In agreement with these design objectives, the pedestrian route is not confronted as a unified place. There are hierarchies and fluctuations in the intensity of the layout that are entailed by the proximity to specific monuments or the support of certain activities. These fluctuations are reflected on the arrangement of the section-walls which appear as if they are following a hidden pattern. This is revealed to the visitor occasionally creating the impression of a subsequent reading.




Design Team:

Vergopoulos Stavros
Giouzepas Dimitris
Dimtsas Nikos
Efstathiou Olga
Kalampaliki Ourania
Prassa Maria
Tsaras Ioannis
Chorafa Penny

Circulation study: Kartsakli Dimitra
Landscape Design: Giouzepas Dimitris